2003 victorian longitudinal community attitudes survey on gambling

2003 victorian longitudinal community attitudes survey on gambling alantic casino city hotel in

Funding This project and subsequent authorship of this article was funded by the Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre.

Games of the North American Indians. Additionally, individuals from minority groups are less likely to seek help for problems with their gambling and untreated problem gamblers then have more gambling difficulties Raylu and Oei Journal of Gambling Studies. Simultaneous efforts are required to raise awareness and educate communities of culturally appropriate ways to gamble and risks associated with commercial gambling. Department of Internal Affairs; Personal contacts provided further references. An interview with Cheryl Currie.

The study assessed changes in gambling participation and problems in adult The Victorian Longitudinal Community Attitudes Survey was the eighth in a. This report is Project 3 of the Gambling Research Panel's – Research Plan, and is the eighth in a series of community attitudes surveys. ¶ The survey. surveys of gambling participation and community attitudes, and problem gambling prevalence Victorian Longitudinal Community Attitudes Survey.

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